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During the year 2011 - 2012 I joined the Mediawerf project lead by The Patching Zone in the Rotterdam, The Netherlands. We, as a team of inter- and trans-disciplinary people researched and developed concepts and works together with vocational education students removing boundaries between art, design and technology.

We worked with together with artists, teachers and students on different projects ranging film making, game design, augmented reality and product design.

For the final project we ended up designing and creating a game-like real-time sound experience where the players had to walk across the neighborhood experiencing a location-based sonified layer. How to move around the city was hinted by other players using a computer with a bird-eye view of the whole game.

The project and our work process is fully documented in Real Projects for Real People Volume 3, edited by Anne Nigten, published by The Patching Zone.

Download Real Projects For Real People Volume 3

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