Information about the workshops I was teaching during the last months

Creative programming

This workshop had a dual purpose, first and the clearest was to introduce Processing language to the ICT students. They already have a programming background, so no basic programming introduction, logic and code structure was needed to explain. On the other hand in a previous survey previous to the workshop, none of the students had any previous knowledge of graphics programming and experience using this programming tool / language.

After the introduction they got a random computer screen overlay with different holes and shapes that they had to use to create the final project. The reasons behind using those overlays was firstly to engage them creatively. Thinking out of the comfort zone that implies working with a squared screen and different shapes trigger many useful thoughts. Secondly, to let them think individually since all the overlays were different.

AR & Prototyping workshop

The workshop aimed to teach the students how to create low and high fidelity representation of a final product through sketching and prototyping. The number of participants were 11 students in MBO high school from The Netherlands with an IT profile. All of them have some programming knowledge more oriented into backend programming and lacking sense of design and visual communication. The workshop lasted 5 hours a day during two days, so a total of 10 hours although the worked a bit more outside the workshop time to present the final result.

The workshop was framed in Augmented Reality. The reason chosen was that AR is a quite new technology not enough explored in non-research / high-tech environments, so it was a strong motivational point for the students to work with.

Big Games

Big Games was a workshop for showing how to create and develop playful interactive games for the Medialab Prado media-facade in Madrid which was taken place during the 9th and 10th of March 2012. Two days of intensive work that brought 9 game prototypes to the media-facade and will soon be showcased on it.

This is a video that summarizes the workshop and the amazing projects made.

Mentors: Sergio Galán y Víctor Díaz ( )
Video editing: Lara Cano
Cameraman: Victor Diaz
Thanks to: Medialab Prado Madrid
Music: Mister Electric Demon_CHO7-31ko (CC License)

For more details about the workshop check the website of the event BigGames (Spanish)

Reshape your phone

Reshape your phone is a series of workshops that aims to unlock the way we use mobile phones. Stop seen the phone as a phone a start seeing it from a different angle, as prototyping tool.