Visual Lyrics

Synesthesia is a really interesting neuronal condition, where different sensations are mixed together and thus some people see colors while listening to sounds or have a different taste while seeing various things.

We wanted to re-create this experience based on a song that we like. Thus, we choose a song and depending on it’s lyrics, a visual composition is made with images extracted from Flickr giving as a rapid hint of how the song looks like. If the song mentions certain word, then, for each appearance the same image related to the word will appear creating a colorful list as a fingerprint of the song. At the same time the album cover is re-created using all the images fetched.

Sadly the website was turn off due to a big traffic in our servers :(


Extra images

Project type

  • visualization


  • BCN Music hack day


  • 10/2010

Used Technologies

  • musicXmatch API
  • API
  • Flickr API
  • PHP
  • Javascript

My task

  • PHP backend

Developed with

  • Pedro Gouveia
  • Joan Mora
  • Vicky Vouloutsi