Twitter circles

This project was realized as a part of the temporary lab created between Kitchen Budapest and Baltan Laboratories.


A custom made software processes tweets that include the hashtag related to the Dutch Design Week 2011 #ddw11, tag that defined the context where the installation took form. The first manifestation of this data comes automatically and in real-time out of the printer in the form of black or grey circles that vary in size and shape based on the country the tweeter comes from, the length of their tweet and the number of followers they have.


Every tweet is then hung on the wall filling surfaces of the lab throughout the week, creating an overwhelming spatial database of the scope of the Twitter chatter about Dutch Design Week, in which the visitors to the space are immersed.



Project type

  • visualization


  • Dutch Design Week 2011. Eindhoven. The Netherlands.


  • 22/10/2011 - 25/10/2011

Used Technologies

  • Processing
  • Python

My task

  • Design and Programming

Developed with