The Puppet Master

Media Lab Prado Media Facade Game

The puppet master is a game that creates a link between the people in a public space and a user behind a computer. It works pretty similar to the Mechanical Turk, one of the first "automatas" ever created. It gives the illusion of a intelligent machine that interacts with the people. In reality, is just a person behind manipulating the computer interacting with the players. The software provides lots of interaction modes to play with the people, funny, engaging and unlimited in possibilities.

  • 28/01/2011 - 30/01/2011
  • gamebig screenOpenframeworksMedia Facade
  • Context

    Global Gamejam 2012, Medialab Prado. Madrid.

  • My task Game design, Programming
  • Developed with

    José María Blanco Calvo

    Joan Mora Guiard