Control a paper airplane blowing a pinwheel

Sketchy plane is a game where you take the role of a paper airplane or better to say the wind that makes it fly! So we can say that we become something similar to a God of wind :)

The aim is to control the paper airplane trying to avoid the birds that come from the top of the screen using our lungs. Just blowing any of the pinwheels on the sides of the computer will affect the movement.

This experimental game is an exploration of new ways of interaction and gaming that goes beyond the traditional gamepad-controlled game.

The game is created using OpenFrameworks for the graphics layer. Pure Data creates the sound generatively with data coming from the sensors attached to the Arduino. Pure Data is used to control all the world parameters and game logic sending OSC parameters to the graphics layer. This allowed us to play with mapping variables and have quick iteration cycles.

  • 03/2010
  • gameXROpenFrameworksPure DataArduino
  • Context

    Real-time interaction. CSIM Master UPF

  • My task Pure Data patch, Electronic design, OpenFrameworks
  • Developed with

    Miguel Sanchez Valdes