Creative programming for old and new Android devices

Have you ever wanted to create an Android app? Something cool but without spending lots of time? What if you want to access the sensors? Or use Bluetooth and Arduino?

What if you're going to mix 3d graphics and generative sound? And send messages with OSC or MQTT?

The Open-Source Phonk framework makes it super accessible to tinker with old and new Android devices. Just download the app, access the self-hosted remote editor from a web browser and start coding using Javascript. (which uses native Android resources!)


Currently supports a wide API such as

  • User Interface creation
  • Networking. HTTP request, Bluetooth, OSC, Websockets
  • Arduino OTG support, Midi
  • 3d graphics using embedded
  • Sound creation via LibPd (PureData)
  • OpenStreetMaps
  • Sensors access

Official Phonk website

Note: Phonk was initially called Protocoder

  • 2013 ~ present
  • toolphonescodingAndroidVuejsJavaJavascriptPureDataProcessing...
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