OSCdroid is a nifty tool, meant for prototyping, manipulate values of your interactive application and control music applications such as Pure Data, MAX/MSP, etc using the OSC protocol.

You can start playing with it since the first moment. Just download the Processing examples from this URL: goo.gl/nqRDo and have fun!

Note: The version in the market is pretty outdated and does not work with Android versions higher than >= 3.0. Although I have plans to update it, it will take some little time for me to do it.

The application comes with some standard native interfaces but it also provides the option of creating as many custom interfaces as you want using html5 and Javascript.

Currently has the following features:

- Custom interface using html5 and Javascript
- Multitouch points
- Trackball
- Accelerometer
- Orientation Sensor
- Sound volume
- Light sensor
- Incoming SMS to the computer
- Send SMS using the phone as gateway
- Make the phone vibrate
- Send key events to the computer
- and many more!

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Project type

  • tool


  • 11/2010 - Still working on it!

Used Technologies

  • Android SDK
  • HTML5
  • Javascript