A robot which dances flamenco using neural networks

Olebot is a simple robot that analyzes music on real time using neural networks to move expressively imitating flamenco dance moves. (or as far as a 3 wheeled tiny robot can imitate)

The "intelligence" of the robot was given using IQR, a Large Neural Network Simulator software, using biological paradigms. The music was analyzed in real-time looking for the frequency onsets in order to give stimuli to the neural network that consequently made the robot react.

Olebot Interface
Olebot Interface
Olebot Interface

To create a nicer atmosphere, we created a VJ set using neural networks. (Yes, we got quite geeky here). We made a couple of versions of the "performance" one of which we showed shamelessly to a broader audience :)

IQR interface
  • 02/2010 - 03/2010
  • robotAIIQRPure DataC++ (Qt)Arduino
  • Context

    System, design, integration and control course. CSIM Master UPF

  • My task Arduino and Qt Programming, Electronic design
  • Developed with

    Laia Cagigal

    Pablo Molina

    Zuriñe Resa