City Fireflies

Urban-screen game using light sources as a controller

Could we create seamless interactions between citizens and urban screens?

CityFireflies is an urban game initially made for the Medialab Prado media-facade (15x10m) in Madrid. The game consists of a series of levels where digital enemies try to invade the physical square where the players are situated. Using the mobile phone screen light as a weapon, players can defeat the invaders and save the plaza.

The game has been running for several years in Medialab-Prado and showed in the Piksel Festival 2011 in Bergen, Norway.

CityFireflies started in the Global Gamejam; the video here shows what we did in just a couple of days of work.

First version of Cityfireflies

Click here to watch the video using HTML5
  • 28/01/2011 - 30/01/2011
  • gameurbanbig screenmedia-facadeOpenframeworksMedia Facade
  • Context

    started in Global Gamejam 2011, Medialab Prado. Madrid.

  • My task Game design, Programming
  • Developed with

    Sergio Galan Nieto

  • Credits to

    Ricardo Merino