Artwork color visualization

Artist color palette usage across time

This tool was made in order to visualize how artists color palette changes over time. Is well known that many visual artist have very characteristic color palettes that sometimes varies smoothly, sometimes changes dramatically overtime.

Using a dataset provided by Europeana, we were able to analyze different artists artworks. As we were hosted in the Pablo Picasso museum in Barcelona, we decised to focus primarily on his paintings. He is well known to have transitioned through different color palettes in different life periods such as the publicly called blue and pink periods.

Each image is analyzed using a python program in order to extract the main colors of each painting and then visualized using a web page and a Processing custom tool focused on interacting with the datase.

picasso visualization 1
picasso visualization 2
picasso visualization 3
  • 28/01/2011 - 30/01/2011
  • data visualizationprocessingartPythonProcessing
  • Context

    Europeana Hack4europe event. Barcelona.

  • My task Python and Processing Programming
  • Developed with

    Sergio Galan Nieto