Artwork color visualization

Visualizing artists color palette changes across time

This tool visualizes in a timeline how artists change their color palette over time.

As a example model we took most of Pablo Picasso's paintings using Europeana's API and analyzed the colors using some custom made scripts and visualized using a Processing sketch.

He is well known to have transitioned through different color palettes in different life periods such as the publicly called blue and pink periods as it can be seen in the following pictures.

picasso visualization 1
picasso visualization 2
picasso visualization 3
  • 28/01/2011 - 30/01/2011
  • data visualizationprocessingartPythonProcessing
  • Context

    Europeana Hack4europe event. Barcelona.

  • My task Python and Processing Programming
  • Developed with

    Sergio Galan Nieto