Physiology-based control of affective audio-visual database

During my Master Thesis I tried to study human emotions in general, and in specific study how could be created a biofeedback system that might
variate the affective state of an user through visual stimuli and at the same time modulate the content being showed and heard.


My biggest motivation for this project was the future benefits that this kind of systems will provide to different fields. In particular I was interested in:

  • Treatment for disorders such as chronic pain, depression, etc
  • Interactive installations
  • Plot modulation in films
  • Adaptive music
  • Relaxing device

The system was developed using g-tec hardware and certain software with Matlab for the signal processing part and java for the front-end application.


The visual stimuli used during the experiments was taken from the International Affective Picture System IAPS automatically with the software using the ratings. Prior using the database I made a custom visualization tool to understand this database as depicted in the next image.


Extra images

Project type

  • university project


  • MSc Thesis. CSIM Master UPF


  • 12/2009 - 09/2010

Used Technologies

  • Java
  • Matlab
  • GSR Sensor