Augmented Scalextric

Scalextricity is an augmentation of the original slot car racing game, Scalextric, that was developed during an Open Frameworks workshop held in the Victoria & Albert museum in London.

The car is tracked using a ps3 camera along the circuit extracting location and speed information which are used to sonify the car with real engine sound and apply several video effects to the video feed that is wirelessly sent from a wireless camera located on top of the car.

As an extra, the players were able to play the game using a VR headset to get more immersed into the game

Project type

  • interactive toy


  • OFLab London


  • 02/2010

Used Technologies

  • OpenFrameworks

My task

  • Open Frameworks Programming

Developed with

  • Gavin Morris (original idea)
  • Martin Cawson