Fleet Tracking System

Note: This project was made 8 years ago, I just preserve it here to keep track of what I am doing
The overall goal of this project goal was to implement a set of computer software that could monitor a fleet of vehicles. Each client can work in two modes: active, sending information to the server constantly and passive, sending information by petition. One of the multiples features of the system is that the server not only works as a merely database since it could generate notifications and alert privileged users about anomalies in the routes that the vehicles had to perform. The system was designed using a small pc connected to a GPS and a phone which used GPRS a data connection to exchange data information encapsulated in SOAP messages with a remote server. !../images/cartracker/big/1.png(Configuration diagram)! The server was made using PHP using the Apache web server which at the same triggered different scripts asynchronously in order to process the incoming data. A web application was created in order to monitor the fleet and perform actions over the system. !../images/cartracker/big/4.png(Web control)!

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Project type

  • university project


  • Bachelor Final Project


  • 07/2005 - 03/2006

Used Technologies

  • PHP
  • Python
  • SOAP
  • Bash Programming