Little Mobile Experiments

Added on February 05, 2012

I am going to start this little blog with some projects I did months behind in order to start experimenting with technology, specifically with mobile phones, looking for weird / funny inspiring uses.

I did this projects in a month timeframe in order to learn, improve certain skills and gain new ones and the main part, having lot of fun. I made them during my stay at the amazing and inspiring Kitchen Budapest. In the next posts I will try to be as open as possible with everything I am going to make and try to document a “bit”, if at some point you want to ask me something please, do it! I will not keep anything in a black box up in the closet where no body can reach. Knowledge is free, so please feel free to ask! (Note: If I dont replay soon is because I am busy, but I will do eventualy if I dont forget about)

Here I present you my friends, my Android phones!

My android phones

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