DSLR remote

Added on February 12, 2012

For this experiment I wanted to remote control my Dslr camera, a Canon 30D using my phone. Sometimes I had the need to trigger the shutter from a remote location, like the oposite side of the room. So using my prototyping application that as I said, I will write soon about it, I could trigger the camera using different methods, sound, light or touching the screen.

The pictures are taken using the fabulous gphoto2 using the next command.

gphoto2 --capture-image-and-download --filename nameofthefile

Automagically the camera will be triggered and the picture downloaded to the computer. I had some problems with Mac Os X trying to use my camera while I was using it but you can solve it typing the following in the command line.

killall PTPCamera

Everything was nicely (not that nicely ) wraped up in a python script that was listening to incoming OSC messages and trigger the gphoto2 command.

Here we can see some examples of what the camera took using the different triggering methods.

Touch Screen
Configuration diagram

Light: Using the phone light sensor we can trigger the shutter and know if it is dark or light
Configuration diagram

Sound: With the microphone setting certain volume threshold

Configuration diagram

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