About Victor Diaz

Victor Diaz (ES) is a researcher, artist and educator whose focus is on creating new ways of interactions between computers and people. He is interested in developing novel ways of collaborative interactions in public spaces considering key aspects of time and space within a cultural context. He also creates tools that help to increase the usability of creative technologies.

He holds a Telecommunications Engineering degree and a MSc on Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media from the University Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona. He has been integrating research and artistic practice in laboratories and residencies such as the University of Bern (Switzerland), Tokyo University of Sciences (Japan), Kitchen Budapest (Hungary), LCD Guimaraes (Portugal), Medialab Prado (Spain), The Patching Zone (The Netherlands) and had different roles as an interaction designer, R&D in the aerospace and telecommunication industry.

He is currently working for The Patching Zone in the Netherlands within a social innovation program finding new ways of education.

Recent Activity

  • MakeWithMoto Tour
  • DIVO workshop
  • The Patching Zone
  • La Cosa Radiactiva tour, Spain
  • Melissani Project & Residency, Kefalonia, Greece
  • Reshape your phone workshop. Electropixel Festival, Nantes
  • Reshape your phone workshop. WeLoveCode, Barcelona
  • LCD Guimaraes residency. Guimaraes, Portugal
  • BigGames workshop at Medialab Prado. Madrid, Spain
  • Global Game Jam 2012. Madrid, Spain
  • Photohack day, Berlin, Germany
  • LightHamar Installation in Hamar, Norway
  • Piksel Festival 2011, Bergen, Norway
  • Beyond Data, Temporary design lab, Budapest & Eindhoven
  • Pecha Kucha Night, Budapest, Hungary
  • Residency at Kitchen Budapest, Hungary
  • Visualizar 2011 Workshop. Media Lab Prado. Madrid, Spain
  • Presentation at Media Lab Prado of different uses for Mobile Phones, Madrid, Spain
  • Presentation at TheAppDate. Hub Madrid. Madrid, Spain
  • Europeana Hackaton Barcelona, Spain
  • Presentation at University Politecnica of Madrid. Madrid, Spain
  • Tetuan Valley Startup Academy. Madrid, Spain
  • Interaction Designer / Android programmer. Madrid, Spain
  • City Fireflies presentation at Medialab Prado. Madrid, Spain
  • Global Game Jam 2011. Madrid, Spain